Aina Radzi

Student in Malaysia

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Hey, I’m Aina. I’m a student living in Malaysia. I am a fan of music, photography, and movies. I’m also interested in food and cats. Do check my page 😊

A little bit about me, I'm a very easy-going kind of person but at the same time I'm also quite a shy girl. My happiness ia about being able to make people around me feel comfortable and happy. I like to make silly jokes with my friends.

To me, the most important things is to be positive in whatever we do. I believe positivity affect our education and life. I tend to take my study serious so that I can achieve my goals and make my parents proud 😊

People that are always think positive will encourage me to also be positive in life. In that way it can help me to be a better person and student. If I make any mistake, I like people to correct me by advicing me personally and not by pointing out my flaws in front of everyone.