andreamarie bringas

Draftsman in Philippines

andreamarie bringas

Draftsman in Philippines

A tourist, travelling through Asia one country at a time.

A cookie-baker, Chewy Chocolate Cookie anyone?

An architecture fan, I wouldn't be in this industry if I don't right? wait...let me rethink that.

A lazy day lover, who wouldn't right? so line up those chips, movies and those TV Series

An avid reader, whatever genre as long as the writing on the back of the book intrigues me I'll read it and oh also the cover.

A surfer, internet surfer that is...pfft I don't even know how to swim

A picky person, from food, people and other stuff.

A shy human being, Please talk to me first. :( NO HUGS PLEASE!

What else? I don't know. I want to go to MOROCCO, funds please.

Simple that is me. Cluttered mind. Wishful Thoughts. Random Moments. Chaotic Emotions.

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  • Work
    • VHS Philippines Ltd
  • Education
    • Adamson University