Aine Bermudez


Aine is a freelancer, writing enthusiast, music lover (yet a struggling musician), who wishes to embark her knowledge to other authors who are looking for success online. She has been in the writing industry for more than 6 years and has worked for different clients. Furthermore, she has written almost ‘all’ topics viably needed online. She sees new topics to write as challenges rather than difficult tasks or bits of work she needs to accomplish. Her secret is simple: Aine enjoys what she’s doing, and she sees these new and challenging topics to write about as an opportunity to learn new things.

All throughout her years of experience in content writing and blogging, she also learned how the different and complex methods of SEO work, how social media networking, internet and offline marketing can help everyone as well as how it affected both businesses and writers alike. Aine’s vision is to provide outstanding work quality through her content writing services to both individuals and business, as well as help struggling writers, internet marketers and online freelancers find their place and see continuous success in their career.