Aingel Carbonell

Hi! I'm Aingel (/ˈānjəl/), baptized as Angelito. Born on a Cancer day in 1978. I've spent my childhood in a mining community of Antamok Mines until 1993. We've moved to La Union and considered Baguio as my residence since 2005 despite being and working in La Union most of the week.

I'm a Systems Engineer specializing in web-based business and educational platforms. I'm a technical person who've worked and exploited the availability of the Internet as a solutions provider.

I have worked as a freelancer -- as developer or consultant -- through my career, even while working full time.

I'm currently the Head of IT Services at Lorma Colleges overseeing the systems and IT requirements of my Alma Mater.

Practical and experimental cooking is my hobby. I'm also the in-house electrician, carpenter, painter, architect, and designer at home. Partly a fashion consultant for my wife and nieces.

Background image is Kyoko Fukada who had graced my desktop in her near twenties.