Ainhoa Díaz

Student and Photographer in Barcelona, España

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My name is Ainhoa Díaz I was born in 2001 and I live in Barcelona. I go to Virolai's school where I'm studying 4th of ESO. I like travelling around the world to meet new cultures and take a lot of exotic photos. I love fashion and food too, and my favourite one is sushi. I like doing sport and I do volleyball twice a week. In my free time I like listening to music and here you can listen to my podcast with a click on the button above. It is a song of one of my favourite bands called Coldplay.

In the future I would like to study medicine in univerity to become an important surgeon. That's why I like so much biology, because I love learning about anatomy and genetics. My goals for this course are enjoy every class and learn a lot of new things to could put them in practise in the future. I would like also to do any experiment in this lesson.

I hope you can enjoy reading a bit of me. <3