Ain Nabila

Student in Serdang, Malaysia

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Hi! My name is Ain Nabila Binti Che Othman. I was born in 25June 1996 at Kampung Manek Urai Baru located around 30 kilometres from Kuala Krai, a small city in Kelantan. I am the youngest daughter of Che Othman and Hasmah. I have 2 other siblings, a sister and a brother. Both are born in 1986 and 1990. Although there are an age gap between us, we have a close siblings relationship.

I have started attending formal education by the age of five years old. My first school is Tabika Kemas Manek Urai Baru. I have been there for 2 years. Then at age 7 years old, I have started the primary school education at Sekolah Kebangsaan Manek Urai Baru. After scored 4As in my UPSR examination, I was further my study at SMA Tengku Amalin Aishah Putri, one of cluster school in Kelantan.

Before I further my study in UPM, I was completed my pre-university course at Perak Matriculation College. Now, I have taking Human Development course for my bachelor degree.

I am an independent person even I was the youngest child in the family because since form 1 I went to school far from home. Furthermore, I am a patient person and also thoughtful person as I able to forgive people with no hard feelings. Besides, I am an outgoing person, but only with people I know and with someone who close to me like my family and my acquaintance. I did not take a long time to be friends with someone. But I have some problem when it comes to remembering their names. I only able to remember their faces but not their name in the early of our meeting. Moreover, I am a loyal person. If I like something, either people or things, I only stick to the same person or things. Lastly, to be honest, I am the type of person that I can be the most diligent people and I can be the laziest person in the earth.

Education is the most important things not only for me, but for all of us. Nowadays, in education is really important because of job demands. Besides, you can marry someone from high class level if you are educated.

I am the person who has lack of confidence since I always think that I am not pretty enough and feel shy to talk in front of people. I'm also not an outspoken person, but I have a lot of ideas in my head. I need someone who can teach me how to be outspoken person.