Ainsley Amethyst

Small Business Owner in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Owner and Head Stuff Do-er for Cute AF Collectibles.

As you're reading this, I'm probably sitting in a comfy ass chair, watching Netflix and fervently stitching something. Growing up, paint-by-numbers was my jam. When I discovered cross stitching as an adult, my beloved childhood past time, love of sharp objects and affinity for colourful string came together. You're welcome!

You'll note that I have a particular fondness for creating cuss word-riddled "crass stitch" that would make my grandma gasp appallingly (despite her love of "spicy" romance novels). Sometimes I stitch cats and other adorable, grandma-approved stuff too.

Ainsley Amethyst: proudly gluing, glittering, sewing & taping shit together since the 90's.

I also love crayons. And stickers.

Good god, I love stickers.