Ainsley Rogers

Thinker. Talker. Doer. If there’s one thing Ainsley knows how to do, it’s creatively communicate.

A Mississippi native, Ainsley graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and public relations before pursuing her Master of Arts at Ole Miss. She has spent her professional career working in publishing, public relations, marketing and new media.

As southern as they come, Ainsley has a special sparkle in her eye for style and hospitality. Because of this, you can often find her producing a photo shoot (even just for fun), crafting a project, or planning and executing an event—all down to the last tiny detail, whether that be for a major magazine, a client, or a soiree among close friends. Today, she prides herself on the art of effectively understanding and communicating a brand’s personality, voice, and message across multiple platforms, which leaves her always chasing inspiration that might ignite her next big idea.

Ainsley is a self-proclaimed optimist extraordinaire with a big appreciation for the little things in life.

  • Education
    • University of Mississippi