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Hi im Cyrus/Tracer . If we share a canon i would love if u called me by that name. I am 16 and use they/them pronouns. I am a polyamorous lesbian! I have BPD and OCD. Below are all of my ID's, please dont follow if you think im fake

Strongest, Dont follow if shared:

Cyrus - Animal Crossing

Konan - Naruto

Aichi - Cardfight Vanguard

Secondary, Ask to follow if shared:

Anna - K Project

Pisti - Magi

Bantaro - Prince of Stride

Joshua - Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

Synpath, Ok to follow:

Yui - K-ON

Wendy - Super Mario Bros

Pokekin, Ok to follow:




Otherkin, Ok to follow:




If youve read all these please send me a picture of one of my IDs, thank you!