Air - Eze

West Sussex

At Air-Eze, we hand build high quality footwear cleaners for golf shoes and football boots. Our machines are made to order and can be found at some of the most prestigious golf clubs and sportsgrounds in the UK, as well as Europe, Australia and the USA. Using air to blast away mud and dirt, our FAIRWAY™ and BOOTBOY™ systems enhance your club’s facilities whilst reducing cleaning costs.

Air-Eze are market leaders for a reason. In addition to supplying over 850 golf clubs in the UK and Ireland, we’re the only company that provide CE approved air operated cleaning systems. We’ve even developed and patented a unique safety nozzle to prevent injury from misuse. Every unit we build also comes with a Health and Safety Certificate and a Certificate of Conformity to give users complete peace of mind.

The FAIRWAY™ system is quick and easy to install, only requiring a 13 amp waterproof socket. Low maintenance and oil free, your machine carries a full two year warranty. In the unlikely event of a fault occurring, we provide a full maintenance service including breakdowns plus regular or annual servicing. We can also overhaul equipment if necessary.

Our golf shoe cleaners are suited to clubs with around 500 members, although larger or multi-course establishments can have two machines to meet demand. If you want to see one of our marvellous shoe cleaning machines in action, we recommend visiting your nearest golf club that has the FAIRWAY™ installed. It’s also a good excuse to play a game while you’re there!