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I live in the outskirts of Seattle, WA where I grew up, with my fiancé, Michael, and our pup, Brody. I'm truly a regular girl, with an old soul, a split humor of dry and witty with timeless immaturity (so I like to say), a split core of bossy hustle with incredible sensitivity. I'm the extroverted introvert. I travel a lot, enjoy cheap wine, baseball caps, cultures, older music and pretending I'm a professional photographer. I've had a versatile background of numerous different hats; mostly because I was lost. You ever feel that way? You have a burning desire for your purpose and it's so close yet so far away. Or you're stuck. Or, you just don't have the damnedest clue where to start or haven't had that conversation with yourself. How was I going to harness my aspirations if all I knew was that I wanted to leave a lasting impact on people, do my part to change the world! It gets profoundly blurry. Then one day, the idea struck me. All the past hats, the confusions, the personal development over the years, the thousands of ideas (oh, the thousands of ideas -thank you for your patience Michael!), led me to one pot of "it all makes sense now". Wanderers Digest was Born. Which is where the story really begins.. I have a huge vision- and it involves you. Thanks for being here!

I encourage you to follow our website on your journey and not be alone, but be inspired.

Your dreams are calling,