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Airam Author


Airam Author


Author of:

- Pirate Series (Stowaway, Remember our Love, The Secret of Monkey Island)
- Kismet Series (Kismet, Fate, Destiny, Kiss Me)
- Marriage made in Heaven
- Muse
- Lordosis
- Love is in the Heir
- Mae Day

Many more to come including Revenge of the Fallen (Sequel to Marriage Made In Heaven) and the Fourth in the Pirate Captain Series. (Please pop by and review)

My writing style:
My novels are also written in first person so you can feel the emotion of the characters for yourself. I receive a lot of comments saying 'I just cried all the way through that chapter and I am not usually an emotional person'. That is what I want to happen! I want you swept up in the emotion, laughing one minute, crying or making love the next.

I keep the description basic, as I want you to fill in the blanks. I want your mind to create the scene where I describe a conversation taking place e.g. kitchen or bedroom. I want you to be concerned with the conversation, not the location. It allows you to mould it to your life and to put the characters in surroundings familar to you which heightens your experience.

I may describe a characters hair, eye colour, height and build when I first introduce them but after that I let your mind build the picture. We all fancy different people, we all feel at home in different places and our ideas of romance vary.

The sex scenes are explicit as my books are aimed at adults and we all love the 'dirty bits'. Especially for those of us who remember flicking through a 'Mills and Boon' to get to the saucy bits and dog earing the page so you could show it your friends later.

I personally NEVER write the characters and story line ahead of the novel and stick to it like glue.