Derek Ellis

St. Charles, MO

Extreme aviation enthusiast. Blogger and copywriter for air ambulance services. Greyhound lover.

I was born in a small town called Vinci in the tumultuous 1980s. From there, I was obsessed with all things having to do with aircraft from a young age. The first was the airship. Later came the dirigible. The rest is history.

I've sat in my fair share of helicopters and prop/jet airplanes (with varying degrees of comfort). One of my dreams is to someday take a flight on a 797.

In my spare time, I write copy and provide document assistance for air medical services. For longer than I care to admit, this has been my life.

If you are in the medical or healthcare field AND have a keen interest in flying, you might be my soulmate (God is my co-pilot).

Favorite aircraft:

EC-135 medical helicopter

Boeing 767

Boeing 787

Sikorsky s-76

Mikoyan - Gurevich 15

Looking for:

EMS responders, firefighters, people in the aviation or healthcare field (especially aeromedical), pilots who fly because they love it, good sense of humor, people who love dogs and especially greyhounds.