Javier Mazuelas

Content Creator and Developer, Consultant, and Writer in Arganzuela, España

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Since 1987 i´ve been writing articles for some spanish magazines about technology and all kinds of themes related with. In the 90´s I´ve made for some companies many interactive cd´s with multimedia contents. At the same time, always teach my knowledge to everybody that needs a personal classroom just to have a quick solution in this kind of software from Adobe, Microsoft or Apple. And all of this experience is now avaliable in my last project, www.conoce.es, where you can access to more than 50 hours ( and growing ) of vídeos explaining how to avoid the knowledge firewall that beginners find when they use a computer for the first time. This contents are useful for all kind of ages, and by now everything´s avaliable in spanish language. The use of social media, internet and blogs are changing many lifes, including mine, because my differents works are all related with this space commonly named the Cloud. Also i´ve published in 2010 some apps for iphone. In a near future i´ll try to expand my contents and websites to other countries and cultures. i´ll be very busy until this happens. Thanks in advance for your interest about me.