Sheryl Garett

There are so many things to do in Bangkok Thailand. It has over one thousand buildings that are considered historical treasures. The historical facts and the beautifully preserved architecture are amazing to see. Try to rent yourself a car when you are there. It is a great way to see and to experience the culture of the local neighborhoods and surrounding areas.

Learn firsthand about the fascinating Thailand people, their history and their many cultural ways. If you cannot rent a car then take a guided tour by foot, by bus or by boat. If you have lots of time, why don’t you try and do all three? Bangkok has hundreds of green spaces within the city and just outside the city.

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Go for a Thailand adventure on your next holiday with the family. The kids will enjoy the zip lines through the jungle. You and your wife can relax at the local stadium and watch the soccer games. There are loads of great places to visit in Bangkok.

There are many annual festivals that have a variety of shows for you to experience. From the local hustle and bustle of the downtown area to the more tranquil agriculture sections of the city, the variety is awe inspiring. So when you book your next vacation to Bangkok Thailand, make sure that you save some time to explore this wonderful city. Air Asia will help you to get there.