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airbnb in Montreal, Québec, Canada

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Are you looking for great Airbnb Host Tips on How to Rent Your Home on Legally?

Airbnb changed my life.

It's 10 Airbnb Lessons Over 10 Days Teaching How to Boost Your Income as an Airbnb Host.

But getting there was not easy and there are important tips you need to know before listing home on Airbnb. I’m not talking about silly tips on how to remove cat hair from your carpet. I’m talking about important legal and taxation information that no one will tell you when you first become an Airbnb Host.

At the same moment, Revenu Quebec – the Canadian equivalent of IRS – began sending countless letters to get in touch with me. They soon put me through a hotel tax audit that lasted for about 3 months, sending me a $62,000 Airbnb tax bill for being an outspoken Airbnb Host.

These legal fees are very expensive for a single person but according to my research, there are currently tens of thousands of Airbnb Hosts affected by this taxation case in Canada. These numbers show that there are thousands of Canadians are facing, or are soon to face, the exact same tax issues I am burdened with today.