Eaton McBride


Right from the start I decided to go with the Mac platform, simply because I'd performed with their iLife involved software "GarageBand" and was relatively satisfied with its saving features. I actually do not think it's everything, but... To get another interpretation, please have a gaze at: macbook air 11 inch case.

If you are like me, you are enthusiastic about home recording. I have spent lots of time and money figuring out the best way to get in touch my microphones and guitars to my computer through the years. Listed below are the channels I decided and what worked best.


From the beginning I went with the Mac platform, simply because I had played with their iLife included software "GarageBand" and was relatively satisfied with its saving capabilities. I don't think it's anything, but I now own a MacBook Pro and got a G4 in 2003. To learn additional information, please gaze at: macbook air case.

Straight Line-In w/ Radio Shack Adapter

The very first thing I tried was to use the integrated line-in on my Mac, which really is a 1/8 inch female music port. Therefore, I got a inch to 1/8 inch adapter from Radio Shack. This was the worst way to interface my guitar to my computer. The part from Radio Shack did not fit my device cable just right, it caused unnecessary wear on my Mac's port, and the sound was super tinny.


The iMic is basically exactly like the Air Shack adapter, just its got a quick cable on it and my instrument cable is fit by it better. A pretty tinny sound was still got by me.

M-Audio Fastrack Hardware Audio Program

I'd my first fruits of success with this $99 audio software. Primarily it requires your guitar's or microphone's analog signal and turns it right into a digital one. It sends the digital information via USB to your recording software, and voila!

This solution was my first experience of semi-professional sounding tracks, matched with some GarageBand post-production mixing and effects. There is still a problem with feedback and buzzing, nevertheless.

I also borrowed a friend's mixer which would allow me to do some mixing, and handling, and soon I was making stereo tracks. It sounded decent, but the interference increased