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Regular aircon servicing in Singapore is critical. It ensures the air you're breathing at home or at work is clean, and it can extend the life of your air conditioner by a few years to as long as fifteen years or more. It also keeps your air conditioner working well and prevents constant breakdowns from occurring. However, regular aircon servicing in Singapore isn't always an easy task. That's because aircon repair in Singapore doesn't just cover the basic functioning of the aircon; it also covers the maintenance and preventive measures to ensure that you don't experience any aircon malfunction. It's up to you to take charge of arson servicing in your personal capacity or have someone qualified to do it for you.

One of the most crucial things you need to know about aircon servicing in Singapore is that refrigerant is very important. Refrigerant allows the AC to cool air properly and effectively by maintaining low temperatures between its critical temperatures and letting the air move through the coils in the air conditioner very smoothly. Without refrigerant, the air in your house or at your place of work would become too hot making it unbearable to be in. On top of that, refrigerant helps the AC run cooler by keeping it from overworking as well as preventing the formation of ice crystals inside the condenser coils.

While you can simply open up your air conditioning unit and drain the cooling coil, this can be dangerous because you may cut off the flow of fresh air into the system. This then can result in possible malfunctioning of your AC. It's best to leave servicing and repair to the professionals because they know their job better than you do and also have the right tools for the job. Aircon service providers are equipped with the latest air conditioning equipment and are trained to handle all forms of AC. They can repair motors, compressors and filters as well as replacing worn out parts such as evaporator coils.

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