Air Conditioner

Stay Cool Through The Summer Months With Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance

One of the easiest things someone can do is have air conditioning maintenance performed on a regular basis. Maintenance on a system can help to ensure that air conditioner checklist or repair will be needed during the warmer months. Air conditioning systems cannot be ignored by the homeowner and require routine service just like a car or any appliance in a home. The best time to schedule service is as the seasons are changing. If an individual lives in a location where the warmer months are much longer than colder months, they should consider having service carried out at least twice a year.

An air conditioning system is a large investment in a home and can keep the occupants comfortable all day and night. Air conditioners usually require yearly service to ensure the warranty on the unit will be honored should there be a breakdown. In an unmaintained system, mold and bacteria can develop and a very foul smell will enter the home during operation of the unit. The drain that removes the water from the unit can become clogged with dirt or debris and prohibit the system from properly draining the water from the unit.

Filters are inexpensive repair a homeowner can help to maintain by changing the filter on a regular basis. When the filter is not changed regularly, dust particles can break loose and get into the coil. Once this happens, the coil will need to be thoroughly cleaned to keep the system operating. If the system malfunctions, the warranty will not cover repairs if the filter was not changed as required. Another reason air conditioning service is required is because it will help the system operate as efficiently as possible and help to keep energy costs down.

Service on an air conditioner will generally take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. If a system has not been serviced in a long period of time, additional service will be required to keep the unit operating effectively. Routine maintenance requires the coil to be cleaned but an unserviced unit will require additional cleanings to remove the dirt and debris from the coils. It will require taking the system apart and will take additional time to complete. Some items may not