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Air conditioning

Wikipedia defines air conditioning as “the removal of heat from the indoor air for thermal comfort”. Most of the people think that air conditioners are only used to offer relief to the common residents from the hot climatic condition. The concept is not completely untrue, but not even totally true. Besides cooling, ventilation, heating and disinfections are also some of the forms, which perfectly define air conditioning. It means when you install an AC in your interior, it would not only offer you a soothing cool environment during summers, but will also provide comfort during other seasons of the year.

Air conditioning benefits the people around the globe in many ways. However, the applications of the Ac facilities are broadly classified into two categories. One is its comfort application and another is its process application. As far as the comfort application of the system is concerned, the machine makes sure that the indoor environment remains free from any impact of the changing climatic condition outside the four walls. In addition, it also sees to it that the residents do not have to face any difficulty because of the increasing internal heat loads. The air conditioning system with comfort application is used in high-rise or low-rise buildings, sport stadiums, institutions and industrial spaces, etc.

Process application of the air conditioning system deals with offering a pleasant environment to any processes that are being carried out. The internal heat load and also external weather conditions not at all affect it. Hospital operation theatres, clean-rooms, data centers, nuclear power facilities, textile manufacturing, etc. are some of the process-oriented places in London that essentially need the air conditioning system aiming at process application. It, however, completely depends on the users that which type of AC system they want to install in their settlement based on the activities that are conducted within it.