Aire Xaris

Second Life

I never expected it to go this far when I went on a shopping spree in world looking for a half way descent pair of eyes for my avi ~ ones that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg... You should see what I paid for that arm & leg 0.o

I couldn't find anything that didn't make me look like a dead fish, or that some Big Wig over priced well known designer hadn't made ONE reflection and assembly lined into every concievable color, stuffed into a box and was now trying to get a couple hundred Lindens for the No copy version of :)

My Eyes come in a HUGE variety of shapes, colors, designs and all are resonably priced at about 85L$s. Highly detailed so that they rez with the illusion of being moist or sparkling with simulated light reflection even in low or recommended graphics, Real Eyes range from the Realistic to the Surreal and Fantasy Designs for dragons, fairies, Cats, Lycans, Vampires and more.