Ariella W

I am Ariella, but most personas just call me ari or something. I am 21 1/2 years old and I was born in Valencia, Espana and visit from time to time. I have 1 sister named Julia. I am a purist & a optimist. I also am a princesa that polishes her tiaras in her free time.

I love fotographia, cameras, drawing, painting. I am studying Fotographia and Astronomy, I could not make up my mind which one I love more so I decided to take both.

Though I decided to study these two, my main goal in life is happiness and I live a belief that all extra things will branch off from a pure, peaceful, happy life. My art and studies branch off.

I do not associate with negative personas or activities, I do not drink/smoke or curse. Many personas think I have a weird personality but really I do many things to protect myself. I dont mean to hurt personas, but I cannot have negatives in my lifestyle.

Aside from all that stuff, I am a mucho happy persona! I smile more then I cry! And too nice for my own good. (✿◠‿◠)

  • Work
    • Waitress
  • Education
    • Student