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Paul Aireus

What do you get when you mix together POS for restaurant experience, businessmen with respect for the bottom line and people with decades of restaurant experience? You get a totally innovative, totally amazing iPad restaurant product with hundreds of features and support designed to make restaurants better, more productive, more profitable and more successful than ever. aireus is a brand new iPad restaurant POS system that works out of the box. And just like the iPad it runs on, the iPad POS system is also incredibly easy to use. No long learning curve. No complex staff training to worry about. Just launch the aireus iPad POS app and go. Servers love the simplicity. Owners and management love what it does for sales and its modern architecture. For something that costs a lot less, you’d be surprised to learn that aireus iPad for restaurants is full of hundreds of amazing features, easy to use and totally wireless.

At aireus we are providing our customers with an easy, reliable and precise order taking iPad POS system that is truly mobile and wireless. Now you can be confident that your employees are constantly making an impact on your guests. By harnessing the power of the iPad and our aireus restaurant POS software, restaurants now have a portable iPad restaurant POS tool to take orders right at the table, get instant pairing recommendations to help up-sell, transmit orders directly to the kitchen, accept payment, conduct surveys, reward repeat customers and take advantage of hundreds of iPad point-of-sale innovative and amazing features – all with a few touches. aireus is new. It’s refreshingly unique. It costs significantly less than traditional restaurant POS software systems.

“We want to be the first company restaurateurs call when they need to solve business problems. aireus has everything it takes to achieve this: unmatched analytical capabilities, deep industry expertise, a track record of delivering proven results, and the ability to innovate.” Last year we came to realize that finally someone, namely Apple, had built a simply amazing wireless tablet and we knew then that the cloud computing world was going to change forever, including how restaurants would embrace this new main stream technology. Why? Because todays restaurant POS software systems are complicated and operate on inflexible and isolated platforms, they are expensive to purchase and to support, as they require