Lauren Stone

Texas, Usa

Hey guys, I'm just a 21-year old female, trying to educate/empower women to their best! Join me through my journey as I swore into the United States Air Force, (I will be active duty), tackling BMT/tech school, and adapting from the life of a civilian to a full blown Airman! After a discouraging couple of months filled with less than adequate sources for embracing this new journey as a female in the Air Force, (in particular a female linguist), I decided instead of letting it bring me down, I'd take the opportunity to fuel other perspective women with as much knowledge as possible! Not only am I passionate about joining the Air Force, but I am dedicated to fit/healthy lifestyle! Don't think for one moment I don't enjoy my cookie dough, and splurge on some Tex Mex! Gotta have my fat days too! Instead, I strive for a balance between working hard at the gym,(when I say gym I mean track, park, barn, trail. I find ways to incorporate unconventional workouts), and still getting to treat myself! In my blog, I provide posts from the steps to being successful in joining the Air Force, to healthy recipe ideas, and workout plans that are achievable yet challenging! Now I didn't start giving workout advice overnight! I was a group exercise instructor for 2 years teaching everything from bootcamp to cycling to kickboxing to weight training to core classes! My speciality was not limited because to be truly fit ya gotta mix it up! For you yoga gals out there, I battled the I don't need to stretch for years campaign with my fellow instructors begging me to try it! Now I won't do a workout without ending in yoga! My level of soreness was reduced, and my body refreshed! All I gotta say is try it! Previous to teaching workout classes, I gained a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, trained in Israeli special forces, ground fighting, weapons, and kickboxing! That was a blast! My major is criminal justice law enforcement, and I plan to finish my bachelor's degree up with all the college credit I will get in bmt/tech school! I already have 87 credits so I'm nearly there! Besides that, my policy is if you have a question ask!

  • Work
    • United States Air Force
  • Education
    • Stephen F. Austin State University