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Among various emerging telecom, social networking and app developers in Canada, AirG can be considered to be the one of the diverse companies out there. Founded in 2000, it has gathered more than 100 million customers around the world till date. They claim to be local, but with a global perspective who challenge the norms and constantly evolve their products to suit the needs of their customers.

Their popular multiplayer game Big Barn World went from a Classic version to a Social Farm version, which now allows the players to socialize with other people playing the same game. One of their first successes was their empire building strategy game, Atomic Dove. It marked AirG’s name for the first time with more than 100 million minutes of mobile data traffic used by customers in 40+ countries.

From a social networking point of view, AirG chose to segment different social chat applications in order to appeal to different kinds of people. The most popular chat app is Hookt, which also allows people to block spammers. It offers a space to chat, share media privately and create interesting profiles. Movie buffs can download the Movie Chat App to stay up to date with the latest movie reviews as well as be able to chat with their friends about it. AirG Buzz is another exciting application for all the hardcore celebrity fans out there, through which they have access to the latest images, videos and headline news about their favorite Hollywood fans.

Other than games and social networking apps, AirG offers advertising solutions and business services. After the success of Atomic Dove, they began advertising across all their apps in 2006. Their advertising solutions include rich media ad units, analytics along with ad mediation and ad serving engines. They are also known for offering valued services like retail channel promotions, micro-billing and integrations to their clients. Learn more here. Find out Airg Ratings on Google Playstore, Glassdoor and Appcrawlr.