Airial Re'nal

Life Coach and Small Business Owner in the United States

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WHO AM I? WHO DO I HELP? I am a Certified Solution Focused Life Coach. I specialize in working with those who have suffered from or are currently suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD and feel they are stuck at a standstill in life.

COACHING WITH ME: RESULTS & GOALS Together we will peel back the layers of anxiety, depression and PTSD that have hidden the hope in your life. Once we unveil that hope, we will work together to rediscover your purpose and passion in life. We will set goals and put an action plan into place.You will learn to love yourself and all your quirks and imperfections (because those are the very things that make us perfectly who we are). We will also work on extinguishing the fear of success that holds you back from being your best.

HOW I LIKE TO COACH I use a solution focused approach to coaching. I ask exploratory and thought provoking questions to dig deep and really find out your desires in life. YOU are the expert in your life. Throughout my sessions, I coach from the angles of empowerment, inspiration, and encouragement.

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    • Certified Life Coach
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    • Liberty University
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