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Airi Kirara

Hi! My name is Airi! For those who know my 'IRL Name', please don't use it! I am bisexual, and currently dating Korri (spookykyoko). If you dislike her, please don't even bother interacting with me. I may make PDA posts every so often, but these will be tagged! I go by she/they pronouns!


I would like to point out that any triggers / spoilers will be tagged in my pictures, so I recommend checking out the tags before reading my captions. I may vent a lot on my main, but these will be tagged!


Do NOT follow me if:

*You make rape jokes.

*You support animal abuse / think that it is acceptable. If you post animal abuse get away from me. Sorry but. I hate it.

*You are friends with or you interact with junko_crazy_monobear. I don't want any of her friends spying on my account, thank you very much.

*You constantly post about periods.

*You post eye gore and don't tag it.

*You don't like it when people swear.

*You will unfollow if I vent.


Now, onto kins!


Me, goes past kin:

*Airi Kirara (JewelPet, Magical Changes).

I am the real Airi. If you think that you are her, then don't follow me. You are wrong, as I am her.



*Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4).

Please don't follow if you kin with her!



*Sayaka Miki (Madoka Magica).

*Mitsuba Sangu (Owari No Seraph).

*Sayuri Hanayori (Owari No Seraph).

If you kin with these, I'd rather you not follow me. However, I will make exceptions.



*Umi Sonoda (Love Live!).

*Enomoto Takane (Mekaku City Actors).

Feel free to follow if you kin with any of these!


Questioning Kins:

*Monaka Towa (Danganronpa Another Episode).

*Momo Kisaragi (Mekaku City Actors).

*Lebreau (Final Fantasy XIII).

Again, feel free to follow if you kin with any of these!


Maqui, from Final Fantasy XIII, is officially my husband. Do not try to steal him, please. Don't claim that you are married to him, since I am actually.


To make sure that you have read all of this, please DM to follow! In the DM, you can include any of your triggers, if you'd like. Also, if you'd like me to tag "(insert name), don't look!" because you don't want to see a picture of someone tagged as a kin, feel free to tell me! I don't mind!