Airil Crunch

Guitarist, musician, RTS gamer, photographer, computer freak, internet geek, nerd wannabe, ordinary, loner, weirdo.

If you need any advices, you can tell me.

If people all around the world played air guitar simultaneously, it's what i call as the ultimate peace.

I am a random blogger.

Just wanna say, feel free to recommend anything to me. People as friends, thoughts to share, problems to solve and especially things about music, such as songs to hear. So, don’t be shy if no one accepts your ideas and stuff, you can always tell me.

I'm quite anonymous in the internet, so i'll tell ya something. In real life, I wear black almost all the time. I have cats who follow me everywhere, and thats a big clue I've given you there.

A big fan of:
Barney Stinson
Iwan Rheon
The Strokes
Julian Casablancas
James Hetfield

So hell yeah I am searching for a girl. And when I find her, I swear I'll try to love her better the next day. And I hope I'll meet someone that I can love till the day I die.

Well, I'm just a human being. An ordinary boy hoping to be better each day for the rest of his life.

Life is hard.


I am an Ailurophile. My eyes aren't Chatoyant. I don't think that I am Comely. I love to make an Elision. I'll try to be an Elixir. I want more Eloquence. I want an Emollient. Am I Ethereal? Cause when you found me, I became Evanescent. I am quite Furtive. I want to be like a Gossamer. Most of me are Ineffable.I can be your Nemesis. I want to find a Panacea. I am always being Pyrrhic.

I am also Woebegone.

Since you have decided to actually read this, you're beautiful, you really are. THANK YOU.

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