louise tremblay

I live in the best of both world megga cities to my favorite log cabin.The ying and the yang to the fullest. I am epicurian, love to entertain and do nothing.
Thinking is a very powerful tool.
Some people knit, I do little montage of my overseas journey to share with those i like and those i don't know on youtube. I want to show them how great it is to travel around the world.
WIsh i had a better program for my montage but...i have no time right now.

Any real producer out there who likes to do something new not a replay a redo of old stories...a producer who has a sens of adventure, love to tell real stories; this is it.

AIR NATION is my first novel it is a free ticket around the world revealing the life of 17 crew members of a Boeing 747. Never been done before. I have had a great succes in French now it's time for the rest of the world to discover AIR NATION

So since i am not a really producer my mission right now is to take you with me around the world with my little camera and show you how this planet is all about,

At the same time this give me the opportunity to write part 2 of Air Nation. I know a lot of you are waiting to read it but i just don t have anough time to do everything.
RIght now i am putting myself in the position of a producer, a cameraman to see how they can really get this story right when one day it will be on t.v. or on the big screen.

So if you go on youtube you can fallow me aorund 3-5 mins of traveling ...
Report everything cut cut cut very difficult to cut the splendors of Egypt I am showing you the raw product and later if i can this is going to be difficult i will cut the Egypt movies for 3-5-mins lenght of time....will see I just arrive form this amazing journey...
the best trip i ever done so far.

Send me anywhere to report you a story i will go for sure.

All the movies are being taken with my power shot canon camera...

I am a flight attendant traveling the world, reporting the world at it s best on a very very very small budget...I speak French but of course, English for money, spanish for tequilla and Arabic for magic carpet and a aiwa mazbout!
hey I am having fun are you ?