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Airon Carl Fuentebella Sanchez

Name: Airon Carl Fuentebella Sanchez

Nickname/s: RonRon. Carl. Airon. Tisoy

Profession: Dancer/Drummer/Keyboardist (Lifestyle Crew)

Location: Val, Cainta Rizal

Date of Birth: September 16, '90 (Year of The Gragon)

Place of Birth: Barcelona, ES

Zodiac: Virgo

Citizenship: Half Filipino-Half Spanish


High School - Casa Real Montessori

College - The Universitat de València's Instituto Confucio

Sport(s): Basketball, Soccer, Pool, Archery


-20 Things about me you might wanna take a look at first:

1. I've made friends with alcohol 5 years ago and we became inseparable ever since.
2. I'm an all-around artist. in general, i know how to make anything look artistic.
3. My friends when i was a kid were leaves and stones...and a sea turtle i named Pikoy.
4. I slit my wrist.
5.I hate liars and pretenders.
6. I live by the Law of Enthalpy, the theory that says that all things get f*cked up sooner or later and there are no exceptions.
7. I have this weird habit of thinking about not thinking.. or think without actually thinking about anything... if that makes sense at all.
8. I have authority issues, personal space issues, and some mental ones.
9. "I hate noise, for I have a pandemonium of it inside my head. Yet I despise the quiet, for I have a smothering tons of it inside my heart."
10. I like looking at ice formations.
11. don't try to piss me off with you and try my temper!
12. I may be an agnostic but my values are nevertheless deeply rooted.
13. I once ate penoy with its shell.
14. If you don't have good something to say to me just shut up!
15. I used to eat paper when i was a kid.
16. I never had a wet dream in my life and it's sad.
17. I'm proud to say that friendship is one of the things that i would fight for.
18.I can be ur nice brother that will take care of u when u needed it.
19.Easily fall inlove.
20.I am romantic :D

• Sleeping
• Hangout with my friends
• Listen Music
• Model/Dance
• School
• Smile
• Laugh
• Outdoor Games

Hate :

ϟ Liar!
ϟ Nonsense people!
ϟ Annoying people!
ϟ Arrogant
ϟ Cheater
ㄨ Playgirl
ㄨ A person who gets angry easily
ㄨ Lizzards