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Airon Rubio

Quezon City, Philippines

I'm an aspiring filmmaker who prefers to dabble with anything that excites me. I pursued a thesis on mobile game development with a four-man team, with my primary role in designing graphics optimized for the both the Android and Windows platform. Then I was a designer and animator for ClarityCast, a producer of animated explainer videos for start-ups and small companies.

I eventually found myself as a videographer for Tzu Chi Foundation, a Taiwan-based Buddhist NGO. Under the foundation, I traveled to the poorest, most disaster-stricken areas in my home country the Philippines, where I got to see the nitty gritty realities of hard life.

After my stint there, I moved on to a more mainstream direction and became a graphic artist and video editor for Viva Communications Inc., one of the Philippines' multimedia conglomerates which handles the local MTV channel.