Air Solutions

Air Solutions Limited optimise on its wide assortment of air treatment services.

Air Solutions Limited is a leading and prominent name among the fast-paced companies offering top-notch industrial and commercial desiccant dehumidifier NZ. Holding a steadfast experience for over 18 years, we, at Air Solutions, offer an innovative, exclusive and customised air treatment services.

Our range of products

Our client base is wide and extensive and represents a multitude of diverse range of industries. We are known for offering one of the most reliable equipments including modular portable air conditioners heat pump NZ

We, at Air Solutions Limited, are acclaimed for being a well-established company in offering UVC Lamps, portable air conditioners NZ, spare parts, portable desiccant dehumidifier NZ, vane separation and portable heat pump NZ.


Our complete assortment of rugged and heavy duty and best desiccant dehumidifier makes an integral part of doing up and drying your environment. In addition, Air Solutions also specialise in supplying dehumidifiers for long term or short term rentals. In order to ensure uninterrupted and efficient execution of project or business, it’s imperative to de-moisture the environment. Our experienced and resourceful team understands your unique and specific needs and come out with short term dehumidifier rental NZ alternatives to help you achieve the best environmental conditions.

Out of our wide variety of equipments, you can certainly pick the one that fits your budget and choice. We have a rich and efficient set of commercial and industrial dehumidifier NZ to suit your varying usages.

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