Alice Abernathy

California → RP World


a lil ol russian gal who came to the US with nothin but a head full of big ideas, a lot of discipline and a beat up ol chevy to help me make it all happen.
Mother, domestic goddess... oh and i'm an actress, model, singer, fashion designer and whatever else will make me feel good to be alive.


17 December 1975


I'm right here, Burbank, California



Personal Info

Sometimes i'll be on here A LOT and it gets annoying and sometimes i disappear for weeks... i'm not the most consistent, but when i'm into something, you'll be sure to know!

Personal Interest

cooking, reading, sewing, doll making, photography, architecture, organizing, dollhouse construction, factoids from far flung eras. Fighting fear, depression and -the ultimate evil- boredom, by trying to learn new things and perfecting the things i know (as best as i can! heehee!).


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