Aminul Islam Sajib

My goal in life is to become a tech journalist for some int'l media, covering information of the industry as well as the rapid growth of social media and how we connect with our personal and work life through the changing media of technology.

My writing started back in mid-2006 through the network of a Bangla blogging platform. Later, I started blogging in English to practice and improve the language in an attempt to reach a global audience. As of now, I am working as a technology writer (contributor) on a local newspaper (in Bangla). I've been with the press for almost three years. (I started writing in 7th grade, making myself the youngest tech journalist in the country.)

While actively writing for newspapers, I also maintain a few blogs. There's a perosnal blog including specific targeted blogs where I write news and reviews in an attempt to improve my English writing ability.

Find some of my works at and my personal blog at Also see Live with Google, a blog dedicated to Google and its services.

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