Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan

I like to paint. Oils are my speciality. Art is in my blood. I like drawing on Adobe Illustrator too. Vector drawing is a very technical skill which I am trying to master.

I love my dog Stella. She is a Rat Terrier and she is smarter than me.

I am in love with the equities market. Momentum trading gets my heart racing. The tech sector is particularly interesting to me.

I have a passion for business. The Wall Street Journal and I have been best friends for a long time.

I am a proud Jersey girl. I'm a strong believer that this state produces the brightest, classiest, most badass women in the country (Snooki is from NY...)

I'm very much both left brained AND right brained. This gives me a unique perspective on problems and allows me to come up with creative solutions.

Given how I naturally analyze the world around me, I truly think I will make an excellent Marketing analyst someday...all I need is that first big break.

I've been called "old soul" by many people in my life. I believe I'm just a deep thinker. Analyzing "why?" or "how?" is a hobby of mine.

I Google everything. Learning was my first love.

I absolutely love playing pool. I've been called a pool shark but I think that's just an exaggeration...:CHOMP: