Aisha Babangida

Entrepreneur in FCT, Nigeria

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Aisha Babangida is Chairman of Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman. She is the Founder of Egwafin Microfinance Bank and of the Tasnim Foundation.

As a driven leader, Aisha has made it her mission not only to communicate her ideas with others, but to seek out real-world applications for them. Over the years, these applications have spanned finance and banking, entrepreneurship, humanitarian work, and volunteering. Overall, Aisha aims to foster entrepreneurial and economic growth in Nigeria and beyond -- especially for rural women who have not had access to proper support and funding.

One of the things that Aisha Babangida is most passionate about is advancing women's rights in Nigeria, and has worked tirelessly towards the cause over the years. She is working to working to prepare the next generation of female leaders by providing access to adult literacy programmes, skills acquisition and financial literacy programs.

Aisha Babangida has attended the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and INSEAD. She is a member of the White Ribbon Alliance. Aisha has extensive international experience and has appeared at business conferences in numerous countries.

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