Aisha Eady

Writer and Small Business Owner in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Well hello, there!

My name is Aisha Eady. I’m a creative writer (journalist, copywriter, public relations pro) focused on synthesizing ideas from unorthodox sources to deliver fresh insights that drive results. I've written for Newsweek magazine, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and other media outlets. I possess a journalist’s instinct for research, a novelist’s instinct for storytelling, a designer’s eye for beauty and a mediator’s instinct for delivering win-win solutions for clients, targets and employers.

I’ve harbored a few obsessions in life: fashion, graphic design, and words that perfectly capture what it means to be human. I’m fascinated by the intersection of technology, social entrepreneurship, design and what this means for small business owners and solopreneurs. I’m a lifelong student, always looking to learn more, do more and ultimately expand my own knowledge and that of others. I’m a media maven, social scribe and aficionado of alliteration. You’ll find me tapping away on my MacBook Pro (somebody get this girl an iPad, stat!) devouring blogs and learning about the next big thing. I look forward to helping others fulfill their purpose and life path as I journey to find my own.