Aishwarya Sriraman

Just another Graduate student with very normal attitude !! A perfect Cancerian :) Having a wierd preferences & with contradictory opinions... very difficult to predict me... I tried to discover whats in me and whats its type... With my understanding, its looking for the possibility of an impossible !! If u really wanna know U'd be confused ... I am a closed stack of books... ;)....some call me strange and weird while others label me as cool and unique but personally I'd like to define myself as just a bit "DIFFERENT".To be frank I do not posses any such traits that sets me apart from the rest of the pack......but the only thing in my perspective that fuels my Thirst and hunger is my will to "LEARN".

On e whole am frndly, funny at tymes, cool most of e times, jovial (blah..blah..)..

hmm...i don't give a damn abt wat others say abt me or to me, i just enjoy my life..datz it, i am very frank, am very open minded and i don't mind saying anythin to anyone's frm this u might hve got a clr idea of who i am and how i am..kindhearted too and trying to keep ppl around me happy by doing something or the other but not at the cost of me..
i wish to know every damn field available in this world ... Just have a wide-open interest to learn many new things ... I had a passion to master over forensic science and Astrobiology....

...I'M WHAT I'AM... These r just my personal details... Professionally I'm different... I want perfection in whatever I do.. I cant stand imperfection and untidiness...... Sometimes I clean up spills even when I'm nt involved, Well that's a symptom of clean-freakism.... These jobless gossipers are my turn-offs... I cant take up criticism..The not-so-sensitive one but the so-called-sensible one, enough not to be frozen with time and to leave things behind to go ahead with my life.. Sometimes I see these criticists as "dogs who bark at the mountain". Highly egoistic except to the few loved ones whom I bear what ever they do to me :) I have a perfect balance over what ever I do and the same applies with the people too !! At times highly religious enough to speak like saint and sometimes a non-believer too !! Highly ambitious and motivated... but lacking faith

Here's my word-limit but, It ain't over till the fat lady sings !!