Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi

Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi is the founder and creator of the SOUL BLISS L.A.B. (LOVE~ALCHEMY~BREAKTHROUGH) ~ a foundation dedicated to produce high level energy works, transformational human vortex and vibrational amplification + higher transformational processes, coaching, energy coded writings , courses and books, high active support to starseeds, gifted conscious individual and especially for high-sensory empaths. As a soul star grid activator + soul reader, multidimensional divination and channel, life-purpose and passion activation coach, divine and highest twinflame/soul mate love alchemist, goddess_channel and energy upgrader, her multidimensional works are extended to bring the expansion in the earthly paradigms through one's called to her work, affecting the macro and the micro. Other than her works, her big passions are continuous life transformation, growth, creativity,animals and nature aligned living, high raw vegan nutrition and thriving in a healthy lifestyle

Here is a taste of one of her on going offerings via her fb page ~*~