Aishwarya Srinivasan

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Hello, person-on-the-internet!

My name is Aishwarya Srinivasan (In case the large letter above didn't give it away!). I'm 20 years old. I am currently studying Business Administration at the University of Windsor, Ontario. It's a pretty fun course really. I've grown fond of studying it. At the university, I am a member of the sorority Delta Zeta. I also held the position of Treasurer for a while. The sorority has helped me learn to multitask and has helped me give back to the community through loads of philantophic events. I am currently holding the position of Lamp Editor. I regulary email the national editor of The Lamp (Delta Zeta's very own magazine) to help showcase everything done by our university chapter.

(Fun fact: Delta Zeta apparently has the most beautiful sorority badge ever created. Tiffany and Co. has recognized this and the badge sits in the Smithsonian!)

Before coming to Canada, to get my undergraduate degree, I lived in Dubai for about a dozen years or so. The U.A.E. is a beautiful country where I hold loads of lovely memories and has been a great home.

Now here are some random things you need to know about me:

I love making lists and crossing things off of them when I'm done.

I love being organized and keeping things alligned.

I enjoy meeting new people and tasting new foods.

I am quite good at multitasking and pat myself of the back for being so.

I rather be 45 minutes early than 5 minutes late.

I love bullet points.

Painting and sketching are basically my drugs. They are my stress relievers and I cannot live without them.

On that note, I can spend ages in a stationery store.

I love travelling. Wanderlust is very strong in me. Till now, I have been to Mauritius, Malaysia, Oman, Kenya, Germany, Netherlands, New York, U.A.E. and about four states in India - Tamil Nadu, Kerela, Maharashtra, Goa.

I cannot thank the inventors internet, laptops and wifi enough.

I love photography and have been trying to improve my skills.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell. See you around!

  • Education
    • University Of Windsor, ON, Canada.
    • Our Own English High School, Dubai, U.A.E.