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Aislyn Jill Griffin

While sitting at Newark International Airport waiting to board her first international flight back in 2005, a fellow passenger mentioned to Aislyn Griffin that "You don't realize it now, but this experience will change your life." And that it did. After completing her final semester of college in London, England, she decided her career and future were waiting for her abroad.

Upon her return to the United States, Aislyn took a job as a client services representative at an asset management firm in New York City. After extensive travels across Europe, Aislyn decided to move her life to Istanbul, Turkey in 2008. She taught English as a Foreign Language specializing in business professionals. In 2011 she started to work as an editor for GazDay Energy Consultancy and Information Services. Along with editing, she presents a weekly news summary video seen by energy professionals throughout the world.

Aislyn enjoys living a very active, fitness oriented lifestyle. An avid runner, she has competed in 2 half marathons and is always looking for a new race. She also works very hard exercising her Siberian Husky. She hopes one day to publish a book about all her experiences, the big and small, the good and bad, to share what it's like put yourself into a different world.