Aissatou Diallo

Hi!My name is Aissatou Diallo and I am in 5th grade.I was born on 11/12/2001 inAtlanta,Ga.My favorite subject are Math,Reading,Writing,and Science.My favorite singers are Justin Bieber,Carrie Underwood,Miranda Cosgrove,Taylor Swift,and more.I have 2 sister and 2 brothers. I am the oldest out of five children.My parents decide for us to move to New York because my mom needed a job.The three words that describes me:1.girly 2.nice 3.very smart.My favorite colors are EVERY COLOR!!!My favorite food are Hot wings,pizza,and lots of candy and sweets.When I grow up I will be a singer,dancer,actress,doctor,Miss USA,and Miss Universe.What else you want to know about me?Give me information about yourself!:)