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Ahmet İşsever

Retired in Polatlı, Turkey

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1953 born Ahmet İşsever in Ankara New Turkey; The Turkish Republic , had education mainly in Ankara The Capital City of New Turkey.

Graduation from TED Ankara Highschool . Left turcology-NewTurkish
Philology in the University of Istanbul and economics classes in the
academy of economic and commercial sciences in Ankara. Served in the
military 1982-3.

From 1967 sang in music ensambles and translated in English-Turkish v.s.

Worked with companies and at hotels, retired 2008.

Married 1992, spouse a teacher in vocational school of leadership and
rhetoric; has two children 1996 daughter, 2002 son .

Had experience translating Turkish-English, marketing, in music
bussiness, advertisement, had training of telephone operations,
marketing and door to door delivery management, hotel reception front
line. Had 8 weeks seminars in children's psychology 7-19 of UNICEF and
the Ministry of Education cooperation. Had three grades courses in
"Old Turkish or Ottoman Turkish writing and reading + Farsi (Iranian
reading) Arabic reading" and Coran at the local Masjid Çarşı -Polatlı.
Attended workshop on articulating scat singing in jazz at the Uni. of
Başkent in Ankara Turkey.

In 2008 went to Mecca and Medina for visiting the holy Islamic
Capitals. And in 2009 with wife became pilgrims El-Hacc @ Mecca &
Medina the Holy Islamic Capitals. ( True New Religion of
Islam-Mohammedan by birth)

Currently lives in Polatlı Ankara.




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