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Aiste Gureviciute

I am an artist from Lithuania. I started to draw since my hand was able to grasp a pencil. My career in arts started when I was 10 years old; I entered The M.K.Ciurlionis Art Gymnasium in Lithuania where I had an amazing opportunity to try out and learn many ways of expressing myself artistically - pencil drawing, graphics, painting, sculpture, weaving carpets, product/interior design, ...architecture, making 3D design models, paper sculptures, glass work and many more. I have learned there for 7 years which lead me to Art Academy, where I studied Product and Furniture Design for 2 years. I haven't finished the course as I have decided to change the environment and came to UK. I have gone back to studies in Wales, UWIC Foundation course, which I enjoyed very much and was awarded Student Of The Year prize, and finally came to London and completed BA Hons Product & Furniture degree at Kingston University. I have been in UK for 8 years now and I continue expanding my skills as the creative world will always have the best of my curiosity. During this time I have taught myself wet felting process and done research on many different kinds of felt. I have tried Decoupage, which brought my curiosity to painting on furniture and walls (murals). I have a great passion for product and furniture design, I love 'outside of the box' thinking and coming up with new, unseen ideas, which applies to my recent drawings/paintings as well. What I love about painting is to use a mixture of materials on the same paper/canvas. With paintings we create energy which is transfered to a viewer, so for me it is very important to create a positive energy with every single piece of art I produce. This energy depends on color, sharpness of lines, intensity etc. My recent drawings/paintings are abstract. I have visualized dreams, as I think dreaming is most important factor in life and we are creating our destiny by dreaming about our future, so this subject always had my interest. Up until now my art work was dedicated to family and friends. It was the greatest gift I could offer, but as I got better at creating a capturing energy with each piece I had a desire to share it with more people, to spread the dreamy, positive energy, even if it reaches the viewer through a small glance. So now I am aiming to lay the path for my work to be seen by many, and I really hope it will bring at least a tiny amount of magic into someone's world.