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Aiswaria Nair


They think I am crazy, over the top, and a bit too much !

Indulgent | Listener| Carelessly carefree| Imaginative | Libertarian| SpongeBob for Ideas | Lazy | Opinionated | Art Lover | Music enthusiast.

Engineer by the day. Free thinker, otherwise.

I love 'All things Digital'

I am onomatopoeic ! I swear! Oink Oink!

I love Candyfloss!

I am orgasmic to chocolate! And afraid of arthropods. Creepy nothings. Urgh.

Um. I keep falling in love again and again and again..and well, Again. :D

It is one gooey feeling.

I love Mumbai--the local trains that zoom past , hammering onto the rails, with a million souls cramped--the Auto wallahs who seem to earn more than the IT crowd(Cortesy: Price Hikes) --the faceless crowd at CST--those outcries of 'Ganpati Bappa' or 'Jai Bhawani-Jai Shivaji'--the raw adrenaline-inducing swear words--the 'Swaaaal!' --the Divine Godhead at Lalbaug--the steamy masala chai coupled with a plate of vadapav or the Chana zor garam that pricks your taste; sour, sweet, salty--Ah! The sukka bhel and the post walk Chowpatty Chat ! Too much of food, huh ?

Oh, I love FOOD!

I'd love to read it up , in case you write!

Do link me up!

Stay, Star!

#Lust. Love. Live.