Aisyah Samsul


Assalamualaikum Gorgeous Mothers! :)

My name is Aisyah. I am currently a happy homemaker, living with Alhamdulillah, my wonderful family in Dubai.

Prior to this, I used to work as an engineer for approximately 6 years. During my early second pregnancy, I decided to quit my job, to focus more on my children.

Since I was pregnant with my first child, I love to learn about children's development. The 'desire' still flourishes until now :) Children always fascinate me, day by day.

After my resignation, Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me opportunity to establish a kindergarten, under a franchise license for approximately 2-1/2 years. SubhanAllah, I learned a lot during this short period of time. Not only about children, but more about human in general. Alhamdulillah, I learned about life that I never had the understanding before (and still learning!). With Allah's will (praise and thanks to Allah), I decided to sell the franchise in order to move to Dubai, following my husband.

SubhanAllah, I shall say I don't regret to be a homemaker. I am actually enjoying it. And I now understand that a homemaker shall continuously learn too! I am doing a serious business now - raising my children, special gifts from Allah!

I am writing this blog to capture the journey that I went and will go through with three (3) wonderful gifts from Allah - my 3 children.

My objective is simply to share my knowledge and experience with other moms, that may give some benefits in the process of raising their children.

Having said this, I am not a perfect mother. I don't know everything. I am just a slave of Allah, who live with the Mercy of Allah. And the knowledge and experience that I obtained is also from the Mercy of Allah. I do my best to keep learning, to keep improving myself day by day. I even learn from my own children, and actually a lot!

May we, mothers enjoy our journey in raising our children, to obtain the pleasure of Allah. May Allah guide us on how to raise our children to be good Muslims..


  • Work
    • Stay-at-home Mom
  • Education
    • Bachelor Degree (Hons) Chemical Engineering-Bioprocess