Ali Imran Tarique

=> Since 2000, he's interested about web(how it works, how people benifited, how to popular site and collect donation to running site). But thinking was just thinking. Reality and thinking have vast different. That's why he is dedicated him for dynamic (data received & send) web programming with PHP, MySQL and with other open source technologies.

=> Once upon a time ago when job provider looking for computer operator and quality expected Bachelor degree on computer science then he jump to over to RMG(Ready Made Garment) sector. During his duties he was die hard Apperal Merchandiser (expertise on Woven wear). Unfortunately he switched off this sector because of maximum RMG sector's export oriented factories top level managerial post are non educated and their result was uneducated person's behaviour. But in this moments he leared lots of technique and handled cheap customer(lowest price given customer) to world no.1 brand Abercrombie & Fitch (garment production & keep branding issues for customer). He had vast knowledge about order negotiation to order shipment along with have great knowleged about garment factorie's every sections works and duties. He used to handles & understands the fashions techniques for European and North+South American apperal customer. He has a bad habit to follow up every thing's start to end of any kind of things.

=> He has also a bad habit which is watching lots of movies and listening lots songs just like chain smoker.

=> He is honest & trying to tell truth. And always avoid to tell a word lie. Because "Honestly is the best policy".