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Aither CO2

London UK

AitherCO2 was founded in 2010 in Milan, Italy, with a view to helping businesses across a multitude of industries deal with the challenging and complex new regulations regarding carbon emissions and carbon trading markets. The success of the services provided by AitherCO2 was such that in just two short years they were able to expand, opening a London office in 2012. The opening of the AitherCO2 London office coincided with the development of a brand new department focusing solely on commodities, and preceded the setup of the African branch of AitherCO2, Africa Carbon and Commodities (ACC), which focuses on providing green solutions to businesses throughout Africa as well as the opening and making accessible cross-country markets.

Alongside their advisory role, the team at AitherCO2 also trades and sells coal, iron and steel ore and a wide range of agricultural fuels to power stations and a variety of other industries. AitherCO2 is able to assist companies in their mission to reduce their carbon footprint and replace some of their fossil fuel usage with renewable energy sources. AitherCO2 knows that by increasing a company’s green image responsibility in any industry attracts more customers in this environmentally-conscious age. The team at AitherCO2 have the knowledge and the skills to be able to help companies become greener and above all to present this greener image to a wider audience. AitherCO2 is also able to give advice on the administrative tasks which arise through the implementation of more environmentally sound energy sources.

The main focus of AitherCO2 is to advise companies participating in the EU Emissions Trading System, or EU-ETS, in order to achieve full compliance. The aviation industry is one of the most recent to have been drafted in to the EU-ETS scheme. AitherCO2 has over one hundred airlines on their client database that are able to deal in carbon credit trading in order to off-set their carbon footprint in accordance with the regulations. AitherCO2 also offers on-site training programmes to airlines in order to ensure full compliance is achieved at all times. As AitherCO2 have one of the most knowledgeable and well versed environmental trading desks in the world and relationships with many banks and financial institutions, they are ideally placed to ensure that their clients get the best prices as well as ensuring compliance.

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