Aiva Rin

Hello my darlings and freaks,I am Aiva. Welcome to my crazy yet most beautiful corner of the interwebs. I like to describe myself as simply a most clever, sometimes temperamental but all in all a most wonderful young lady. I am 26 years old and I reside in the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. I have a huge interest in writing especially on topics that I am passionate about chief of which are books, culinary arts, travel and fashion (just to name a few).

My Random Fact Sheet!!

* The first book I ever read ( story book wise) was a copy of Anne of Green Gables

* I enjoy TV series like Scandal, Empire and Being Mary Jane ( although I end up binge watching when the entire season ends)

* My favorite foods include anything with the combination of pasta, cheese and seafood

* My go to book reading snack is a candy bar or a cup of herbal tea ( usually mint, chai or green)

* For me the hottest men in the world are David Gandy ( BDB fans know why) and Ciprian Calin (do a Google Images search ladies!!)

* I am a chocoholic and a sugarholic

* I am now immune to caffeine

* I am a social drinker but I do not smoke

* My guilty vices are romance novels and candy in bed

* I love stand up comedy

* I am not an avid movie fan...I watch more documentaries and news on t.v. And I hate reality T.V

* I enjoy cooking for the people I love

* I like being in quiet places

* I don't like to party... Id rather stay home with my laptop or with a good book

* I love all kinda of music from classical piano to heavy metal

* Due to a long standing injury I cannot walk in heels (even if I own them)

* I am a very spiritual person however I'm not a church goer

* I am random at times and will just say thing to get your attention or make you smile* I like making my friends smile* I know my biggest fault is that I get very defensive when it comes to talking about my problemsLove and Light to you all!!EME