Aiyah Saihati

Washington, D.C.

Entrepreneur and business woman Aiyah Saihati is a well-educated and highly opinionated world lecturer on many fronts including the legal, business and not for profit sectors. She also speaks on subjects that pertain to pluralism and tries to bridge cross-cultural gaps that include jurisprudence, women's issues and education. She is as comfortable and confident speaking in front of the U.S. Congress as she is before influential think tanks such the Cato Institute or the Heritage Foundation, and the articles she writes travel the world after being translated into as many as eleven foreign languages. Philanthropically, she is the founder and president of the Entrepreneurship Action Council. She was educated in her native Saudi Arabia as well as Switzerland, the United States and France. She received her executive education at INSEAD and Columbia School of Business.

International Entrepreneur

Appropriately referred to as a "serial entrepreneur", Aiyah Saihati is the creator and director of multiple multinational non-profits and businesses that span three continents. Besides her own designer label, she is intricately involved with a number of projects in the private sector. The organization she chairs, Entrepreneurship Action Council (KSA), was created with the goal of stimulating, developing and strengthening Saudi Arabia's entrepreneurial culture. She also takes a special interest in the economic empowerment of women as well as bringing the plight of women in the Middle East to the forefront of the international consciousness. When a woman in Saudi Arabia was given a harsh sentence following her brutal rape, she spoke out far and wide on the subject through an article that was translated into many foreign languages as it spread throughout the world. She spoke at the Wharton MENA Business Conference, held in 2012, on the state of women in the MENA business environment and presented her policy recommendations.

Hobbies and Interests

A firm believer in the advantages of chess as a mental sport, Aiyah Saihati founded the Saudi Chess Federation in order to coordinate groups of chess players from varying levels. She is also the co-director at The Soccer mansion.